About Exposure & Risk

Risk is the product of Hazard and Exposure

We must understand the nature of the Hazard and the Exposure 

before we can understand and manage the Risk

 We are experts in human health exposure & risk assessment

Four Step Risk Assessment Process 

  • Hazard Identification – determination of whether exposure to a hazard can cause an increased incidence of an adverse health effect and the characterization of the nature and severity of the effect 


  • Dose-response relationship characterization of the relationship between exposure (or dose) and the incidence and severity of the adverse health effect 


  • Exposure assessment – determining of the intensity, frequency, and duration of exposures to the hazard 


  • Risk characterization – combines the assessments of exposure and response under various exposure conditions to estimate the probability of specific harm to an exposed individual or population.



Susan Arnold, MSOH, CIH


Principal, EH&S, LLC  • Former Corporate and Product Safety Industrial Hygienist for Specialty Chemical Manufacturer • Past Chair, EASC and Modeling Subcommittee, AIHA• Susan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Toxicology from the University of Guelph and a M.S.O.H. in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Ohio at Toledo. Susan’s expertise includes developing and applying leading practices in exposure and risk assessment. Susan is an expert in evaluating and applying exposure models and evaluating the role of activity profiles in defining exposure profiles.



Susan Arnold, MSOH, CIH


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